ETO Sponsorship

ETO (Electro Technical Officer) Sponsorship

Electrical Officers are responsible for monitoring all electronic and electrical equipment onboard to maximise the operational safety and efficiency of the vessel. As an electrical officer, you'll work in close association with deck and engineering officers for all electrical and hydraulic technology and machinery related challenges. You'll be responsible for power generation and distribution systems and for other equipment such as lifts, reefers and electrical bus systems.

Electro Technical Officer (ETO) prepares eligible candidates for Electro Technical Officer's role on board merchant vessels.

Course Duration Intake Application Status
ETO 4 months 40 Open - Apply Now

We prepare our candidates to get sponsored from leading shipping companies prior they commence their expensive courses.

Our main objective - is to provide candidate with Job security prior they go for their courses and to help them finding the right way in merchant navy without spending hefty amounts for placement.

A drive against corruption - There are many agents in India demanding several lacs of rupees for placement services, our main objective is to help candidates saving their money and to get sponsored by leading shipping companies without paying heavy amounts for placement/recruitment services. Preparing for exams is the best way to secure your job and is the legal process too.

Benefits of our coaching programs:

Job security - A candidate get his job secured prior going for course, getting sponsored by a leading shipping company is the best way to secure your job.

Saving of huge amount – After completion of course no placement/recruitment fee is required, candidate enters the same company by which he/she was sponsored in the beginning. Our sponsorship preparation programmes are priced in a very nominal & affordable way.

Saving of time – precious time after course is saved and the process of searching for job is vanished as the job is secured prior doing course (sponsorship). Candidate has to report to the sponsoring company and confirm date of joining.

Sponsorship/Job in a leading company – even after paying huge amounts for placement (to agents, etc) candidate does not get a good company, we eliminate this risk by preparing and clearing exams of leading & good shipping companies.

Professional guidance & legal procedure – Our team of professional and dedicated staff includes sailing officers and skilled trainers helping you to achieve your goal in absolutely legal & best way possible.

Sponsorship also available, please contact for more details.