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ALS Pvt. Ltd

Our Services

Crew Management

Through fully digitalized crew management operations, we ensure that all vessels in the fleet have officers & crew onboard with the required skills, training and certification for the vessel type and in case a relevant training for any particular course is required.

Technical Management

ALS services schemes are equipped to achieve technical brilliance in Ship Management. There is no bound to the type of ships managed - the most important being: Bulk Carriers, Container Ships, Car Carriers (PCTC, PCC...), Oil & Chemical tankers.

Shipboard Audits

Considering internal/external ship board audit a very important tool for improvement therefore we posse that a ship has highly qualified in house nautical and engineer auditors who frequent the ships on regular basis to give unbiased/factual reports.

Marine Consultancy

ALS besides providing Ship management Services is also specialized in Marine Consultancy. We have specialized and quality staff with the required bunch of knowledge in regards to the shipping industry, who are capable enough to perform their job splendidly.

New Building Supervision

ALS Pvt. Ltd has a team of skilled, competent and dedicated Marine Engineers and Naval Architects with proven track record in project management and site supervision of new ship construction. Our comments would also be useful for owners' in their negotiations with the yard to upgrade the quality of the vessel.

Marine Training & Education

We provide marine training and education from well established Merchant Navy training institues. The courses are approved by the IMU and other maine bodies

Flag Documentation

Every ship has a designated flag (Indian ship will have Indian flag, Panamian ship will have panamian flag etc..) therefore, a seafarer boarding a ship of a typical flag would require it’s documents to be approved hence, we are also associated with the service of "Flag Documentation".

Vetting Management

Pre-vetting inspections done on behalf of principals to ascertain condition of the ships and the readiness of the ship in line with SIRE/CDI. Technical Inspections are done on behalf of Ship Managers to ascertain condition of the vessel, compliance with ISM & ISPS codes

Approvals and Accreditation